Mango Sticky RiceIt's an iconic Thai dish. You can get it nearly everywhere in Thailand. In theory it's a dessert but it's very filling so it can be easily treated as a main dish. We fallen in love with it and started to not only buy it every time we're in Thailand but also making it ourselves.
Easy fruit cakeThis is the easiest fruit cake I know. Even child can prepare it! And it tastes just great. All my family loves it. Try this recipe once and you'll always use it, I guarantee it!
Thai coconut pancakes – kanom krok recipe​Kanom Krok is a super sweet, but very nice little snack. It's so sweet it's impossible to eat a lot of it. Those coconut pancakes are crispy on top and creamy inside. Tried it on the floating market in Bangkok and loved it.
Dadar, Indonesian Coconut PancakesDadar was our favourite dish for a quick lunch on Bali. It's a green pancake with coconut filling often served with ice cream on the side. Apparently the recipe is an Indonesian take on European pancakes. The green colour comes from juices of pandanus leaves. I don't think it adds to the taste, it's just a colour.

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