About Us


who we are?

We are a creation of modern times. Friends who love to talk to each other on many different topics for hours and met online. We don’t agree on everything, in fact, we disagree more often than agree on something, but that’s the charm of it. Nowadays people surround each other with people who think alike. For us, it’s the fastest way to create boring and one-sided conversations. We’re not the youngest and not the best looking at all. You will not find our naked fit bodies here. We like to complain about small things though and you will find that here often. It’s not that we complain about everything. Don’t worry. We really enjoy a lot of small things. We simply like to complain from time to time. It’s our nature, that’s all.

We are foodies. We love eating all kinds of food from all over the world and we are always ready to try something new. Those recipes we like the most we want to share with others (when we have time to add it here).

We also always wanted to travel. So far the only trips we could to do were close to the place we live in simply because travelling with kids is not so easy. Now our kids are adults and we are free to go wherever we want. We plan to visit as many countries as possible. Try as many different cuisines as possible. Meet different people, religions, architecture etc.

One more thing…

English is not our first language. You will probably find some grammar errors and simplified language here. We constantly learn though so feel free to correct us. We don’t mind… much 😉