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Relaxing time in Junoszyno

Yes, we spent the last year at the seaside and in theory, we should have enough of it. However, one of the first places in Poland we decided to go to was the Polish sea. In fact, the sea didn’t interest us as much as the forest you have to go through to get to the sea. I love the forest and I have missed it a lot in recent years. Junoszyno is one of those small seaside towns that is not yet so “spoiled” by the tourist business. At the same time it has quite a large and very charming forest on the way to the sea. Besides, after such an extreme quarantine, I wanted to go to a place where I can clear and calm my thoughts.

Divine holidays in Junoszyno

In Junoszyno, in contrast to nearby Stegna, we did not see large resorts or hotels. In fact, the only thing we have seen were private cottages. For us, this is a big plus of this village, because it is not crowded and tacky as it usually is in places typically oriented towards tourism.

The cottage we stayed in was next to a cross decorated with colourful tapes and flowers, where people often stopped to rest… or maybe to pray? It is hard to say, but we did not mind either way. Shaded from all sides by trees, we still had our little bit of privacy, and that is the most important thing.

Relax on the terrace

The owners have two almost identical cottages on quite large and very well maintained grounds. A small robotic lawnmower was driven over the lawn in front of the house every day. They also don’t mind holidays with pets, which is rather rare. We don’t have any pets, but I can imagine that the dogs must have a lot of fun running around the large area in front of the house. The thing we liked the most there was the terrace, where we spent most of our time. You could just relax there, watch the birds jumping in the trees and the ubiquitous butterflies, play board games in the evening and at night, if the weather was good, watch the stars.

The cottage

The cottage is large enough to accommodate a family or a group of friends. There are two bedrooms upstairs – one with a large double bed, the other with two single beds. The downstairs, on the other hand, has a sofa that folds out into another sizable bed. The mattresses were just the way we like them – quite firm, but not hard as boards. After 3 years in Asia, where most mattresses were hard as stone, we got used to it and we can’t sleep on a soft one anymore. Apart from that, the cottage has everything you may need not only on holiday but also in everyday life. You can successfully live there for a long time. It also turns out that these are year-round cottages, so you can also come here in the off-season. Perhaps that is what we will do next time.

The sea and forest

As is usually the case with us, we had a bit of bad luck and it rained almost every day. Luckily, it didn’t rain all day. We managed to go out for a walk in the forest and even on the beach a few times. To get to it anyway requires a 1.5km walk through a scenic forest. The beach we came to was nearly empty. Only a few people here and there. But in the distance, you could see crowds near more popular beach entrances in Stegna and Jantar.

We did not dare to enter the sea. After so much time in Asia, the water in the Baltic Sea seemed to be terribly cold. Although it was probably warm enough for the local conditions. Instead, we walked a little along its shore. We were also surprised to find that the water seemed to be cleaner than we remembered it. Still, the walks in the forest were the most pleasant, though there was one hill on the way to the beach that made us sweat! Along the way, we also found a huge field of bushes with berries and we couldn’t resist trying it at least a little. After a long and tiring walk, we relaxed on the terrace playing board games, of which we found quite a few in the cottage.

Polish An Bang

The time in Junoszyno reminded us a little of the peace and quiet we enjoyed in An Bang. Only that the standard here was definitely higher. We are not very demanding, but it was nice to have a full set of dishes, a cooker and pots to prepare a meal. There were no frogs or lizards instead, we had bees and butterflies and moths at night. During the day a mass of birds hopped in the branches of the trees in front of the house. Different vegetation and animals, different climate and country, but the same peace and quiet. And this is the most important thing. The owners are extremely friendly and communicative, so if you ever come to the Polish seaside – we highly recommend it!

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