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Spending summary for 2019

I know that many people are thinking about jumping into digital nomad lifestyle and they often have a lot of questions. One of those is what is the cost of living in such and such country. I have been a bit obsessed with noting every single transaction for years, so obviously I continue doing that during our travels. It’s also a good way to compare our previous spending when we lived in UK and now while travelling.

I try to break down our spending into categories to give them more context. Keep in mind I am not very strict with it and if I buy some groceries and for example a shampoo in a mall I don’t split that receipt into two separate categories. I’m just too lazy for that. Also, it’s not always easy to do that because of native languages often used on those receipts. When you buy a lot of stuff in one place it’s not so easy to find which one was that shampoo.

Thailand receipt

Everyone will have slightly different expenses obviously. We tend to look for a comfortable place with good wifi and laptop-friendly spaces. Trying to get it as cheap as possible, though we’re not afraid to pay a little extra for extra comfort like a separate bedroom for example instead of a studio. We often eat in small restaurants or order food online, but we also don’t mind to cook meals at home. Also, we often use Taxi/Grab/Uber instead of local city transport. We know we could save quite a lot of money by doing so but we’re simply not brave enough for that yet. Maybe one day.

Spending summary by country

Country Place Start date End Date No. of days Total spending Daily average
Thailand 19/01/19 15/2/19 27 3266.98 125.65
Bangkok 19/1/19 1/2/19 14 2055.71 146.83
Koh Samui 1/2/19 14/2/19 13 1,211.27 93.17
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 16/2/19 13/4/19 57 3645.03 63.94
Indonesia Bali 14/4/19 8/5/19 25 1474.10 58.96
Vietnam Saigon 8/6/19 5/7/19 28 993.91 35.49
Malaysia 5/7/19 4/10/19 92 4175.25 45.38
Kuala Lumpur 13/7/19 10/8/19 29 1418.82 48.92
Malacca 10/8/19 7/9/19 29 1299.83 44.82
Johor Bahru 7/9/19 5/10/19 29 1,456.6 50.22
Indonesia Jakarta 5/10/19 29/10/19 25 1978.16 79.12
Thailand 30/10/19 11/11/19 13 2483.67 191.05
Pattaya 1/11/19 5/11/19 5 584.42‬ 116.88
Bangkok 5/11/19 11/11/19 7 1,899.25 271.32
Sri Lanka Colombo 11/11/19 11/12/19 31 1251.58 40.37
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 11/12/19 11/1/20 30 1510.81 50.36
Summary 20/1/19 11/1/20 327 20,779.19 62.40

Spending summary by category

CategoryTotal USD
Transportation (Plane/Bus/Ferry)2403.86
Restaurants 2196.52
Medical (medicine + insurance)760.24
Souvenirs/Gifts including post fees205.55
Sightseeing (tickets etc)472.22


First two months we were still learning how to deal with different currencies and what application to use for tracking our expenses so there might be some discrepancies but definitely not huge. Also, we had to buy quite a lot of items that we didn’t think of when leaving our home. We basically left with two quite small backpacks and very soon discovered we didn’t think about some items that we might need. We also decided to buy some electronic devices because it was simply cheaper than back home. Those expenses are added to misc.

Two weeks in November were for my family meetup where I paid for accommodation for all of us (total 7 people) and some attractions. So those numbers are very high but I thought I’d include it here just for nice year totals.

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