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Record 1 Second Everyday

Remember everything you’ve done by recording one second of a day every day. It may sound crazy but this short clip of the day actually makes your mind to remember much more that day happened than you’d think it would! Document your life and be amazed!

I’ve got to tell you it’s not always easy. Sometimes you don’t do anything exciting all day, sometimes you don’t feel like it or simply forget about it, but that’s the point – overcome those problems, set a reminders, record the video no matter how busy or boring the day is! You won’t regret it… and come one – it’s just 1 second! Certainly you can find time to do it

I personally use the original app from 1 Second Everyday but there are alternatives if you don’t like this one.

Few Tips how to make most of 1 second:

  1. Record people

    Try to record people around you if possible rather than landscapes or things. You can take hundreds of pictures of a beautiful views but that one second of interesting conversation with someone, a smile of other person will bring much more memories back than tons of images.

  2. Sound options

    That being said we can’t forget about the sound. Voice of other people around you, those few words you can capture in that moment, sound of birds chirping or a thunderstorm… those things can’t be captured on the picture! A second video gives you that opportunity.

  3. Don’t wait for a perfect moment

    Don’t wait for something interesting to happen. The moment you remember about your project – record it! There may not be a better moment to do it, or you’ll simply forget about it and the memory of that day will be lost.

  4. Your memories are not boring

    Don’t just assume your life is boring so there’s no point to do that. You will be amazed after some time when you watch your recording of those “boring” everyday things how un-boring it actually was. You’ll see a masterpiece of lazy days at home, tasty food, laughter and conversations you’d never thought could actually be so exciting!

  5. Missing a second? No worries

    If you forget about recording the video you can always use a picture instead to fill the gap or use a second of other video from nearby day. I noticed sometimes it’s hard to choose that one second from a minute or longer video, but when it happens that I forgot to record something a day before or after I reuse those videos snapping a different second from it. Also, don’t take it to seriously. If you forgot to record for a day or more, it’s fine, nobody will notice on the mash-up anyway!

  6. Keep the camera steady

    Avoid moving the camera while recording. One second is very short and that movement in the video sometimes is simply taking to much time. To better use the second of your day keep the camera still and let objects, people around you move on it.

  7. Record in landscape mode

    Record landscape videos. This sometimes is counter intuitive because we so used to use the phone vertically. Unfortunately videos recorder vertically don’t look that great (I’ve learnt it a hard way) so make it a habit to always record in landscape for better end effect.

  8. Invite friends to your project

    Invite others to be a part of your project. Don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend or stranger to shoot your “second” for that or day or be included in your video. Just share a bit about the project you’re working on and prepare for their faces to light up with excitement to help you carry it out.

  9. Your life – your project

    Not every shot needs to be beautiful or make sense to the viewer. What might look boring and not that beautiful for other people may actually have meaningful and significant for you! Remember this is your video diary first and foremost.

  10. Make regular backups

    As with everything precious, it’s wise to periodically back-up not only your phone, but to export a mash-up of all your clips and save them to another device.

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