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Scott’s Gardens KL airbnb

We stayed in Scott’s Gardens apartment for a month. It is in a very good location between Twin Towers and Sunway Pyramid. Getting around the town was not a problem using Grab. Everywhere was relatively nearby. Location is one of the biggest positives of this place. Another huge one was the view! Amazing huge window with a view!

It’s a two storey apartment with kitchenette and living area downstairs and master bedroom upstairs. Living area is nice and big with huge, I mean HUGE, window. We loved to watch the city at night through it, or massive thunderstorms that we were lucky to witness nearly every night. I could just sit there and stare all day.

The kitchenette is well equipped and we didn’t have any problems to prepare some small homemade food from time to time.

There is also a nice big TV and PlayStation with some games!!! That was a nice surprise for us.

Upstairs is a bedroom with large and quite comfortable bed and bathroom.

Here and there it was a bit dusty. You could tell that nobody was there for some time. It wasn’t a big problem for us though.

The apartment is located in a large building with a swimming pool and gym that is also free. There is one thing though – near the swimming pool was a note that the pool is under maintenance and you swim at your own risk. In fact you could say that this building needs some love, but we didn’t see any maintenance work there at all.

Below the apartments is something that used to be a kind of supermarket with lots of shops, services and restaurants. When we were there though only few of those shops were actually open. Restaurants on the other hand were open nearly all the time, which is nice and convenient. We recommend a Thai restaurant right at the corner of the building. We loved everything we tried there… but we love all Thai food, so there’s that 😉

Overall it is a really nice AirBnb and we will most likely come back here again if available. There is one thing to keep in mind though. If you are a light sleeper you may have some problems with sleeping here. You can quite clearly hear bass at night coming from night clubs located below. It wasn’t problem for us, since we work half of the night anyway, but it might be for some. In fact for us it was a huge plus of this place because everything was open nearly 24h so we could do our shopping or eating even in the middle of the night without any problems.

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