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    Picturesque Crete

    During our trip to Crete, we discovered the charms of Chania, we were amazed by the White Mountains and unforgettable Samaria Gorge. Cretan cuisine, full of tasty dishes like moussaka or dakos, was an integral part of our adventure. Crete is a place where friendly inhabitants and picturesque landscapes create a unique atmosphere.

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    From the seaside to the mountains!

    Poland has an interesting geographical location that will satisfy every tourist. In the north there is the Baltic Sea. Then heading south we pass lakes and forests almost everywhere, until we get to the mountains which are also the border with Slovakia and the Czech Republic. And this time the mountains were our goal. Not so planned trip It was…

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    Kingdom of European bison

    Bialowieza Forest is one of the largest and oldest forests in Europe. It is best known for the largest population of European bison, which inhabit this area. However, in these forests live about 21 thousand animal species including wolves and lynxes. Since 1976 Bialowieza Forest is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

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    Place where time has stopped

    We tend to spend most of our time in cities, mainly because we need a good access to the internet. But we actually love nature, forests and small villages. Places where you often have the impression that time has stopped in place. In Poland places to enjoy nature is plenty. There is exactly everything - sea, lakes, mountains, beautiful and…

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    Where ships run on rails

    How to connect two lakes with a difference of high up to 100 m by water? In 1844 Georg Steenke did exactly that. The Elblag-Ostroda canal was built with several locks and inclined planes to overcome the difference in elevation. Initially, the canal was used for transportation of agricultural produce and timber, mainly Tabor pine used for building sailing ships.…

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    Small luxuries we don’t appreciate

    Living among local people in Asia has taught us to appreciate even the smallest things. After a bit over 3 years, we already know that westerners (Europe and the USA mainly) are extremely privileged. They are surrounded by conveniences that they don't appreciate and that others can only dream about. Until quite recently, we belonged to these people.

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    Relaxing time in Junoszyno

    Yes, we spent the last year at the seaside and in theory, we should have enough of it. However, one of the first places in Poland we decided to go to was the Polish sea. In fact, the sea didn't interest us as much as the forest you have to go through to get to the sea. I love the…

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    Time to go back

    For some time now I was getting emails and text messages on my phone to register for covid vaccination. The problem with this is that I would need to be in my home country in the first place. That made us think. Is it possible for us to get a vaccine in Vietnam? It would make so many things easier…

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    Spending summary for 2020

    It wasn't the best year for digital nomads nor tourists. However, we still managed to move around a little bit and as always I tried to keep an eye on our expenses. Due to the covid outbreak and lockdowns, we were forced to stay in one country for a very long time. At least much longer than we expected.