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    Picturesque Crete

    During our trip to Crete, we discovered the charms of Chania, we were amazed by the White Mountains and unforgettable Samaria Gorge. Cretan cuisine, full of tasty dishes like moussaka or dakos, was an integral part of our adventure. Crete is a place where friendly inhabitants and picturesque landscapes create a unique atmosphere.

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    Istanbul is amazing!

    If you ever have the opportunity to visit Istanbul, we highly recommend taking it - you won't regret it. With its rich history, vibrant culture, friendly people, delicious food, and unique shopping experiences, Istanbul is truly a city like no other.

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    Where ships run on rails

    How to connect two lakes with a difference of high up to 100 m by water? In 1844 Georg Steenke did exactly that. The Elblag-Ostroda canal was built with several locks and inclined planes to overcome the difference in elevation. Initially, the canal was used for transportation of agricultural produce and timber, mainly Tabor pine used for building sailing ships.…

  • Cottage in Junoszyno Poland
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    Relaxing time in Junoszyno

    Yes, we spent the last year at the seaside and in theory, we should have enough of it. However, one of the first places in Poland we decided to go to was the Polish sea. In fact, the sea didn't interest us as much as the forest you have to go through to get to the sea. I love the…

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    Staying put until further notice

    While the whole world was still struggling with Covid-19 here in Da Nang we felt relatively safe. There was no new case registered in Vietnam for 100 days and everything went back to normal. Streets were full of people and food stalls. Every weekend we've seen full busses of local tourists dropped to hotels around our building. Life went on…

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    Little Hoi An hotel

    When we came to Vietnam we wanted to stay here longer. We wanted to see a bit more of Vietnam, travel around. Then Coronavirus came, quarantine etc and all plans had to be scrapped. Yes, quarantine finished some time ago and we could have come back to our previous plans, but now it didn't feel the same because this time…

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    Golden Bridge Da Nang

    Ever since we saw pictures of a bridge set on huge hands we wanted to see it. The bridge is a part of a huge complex on top of the mountains. To get there you take a long 20 minutes cable car trip over the forest and mountains. It holds the world record for the longest non-stop single-track cable car…

  • Symphony lake suria KL
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    Is Kuala Lumpur worth visiting?

    While Thailand looked like nothing we’ve ever seen before, Kuala Lumpur felt a bit more familiar in some ways and completely different in others. It’s undeniably a huge city with skyscrapers and fancy shopping malls and cars, but you can also find a lot of shacks made of corrugated steel plates and corroded and manually patched cars. After a month…

  • scotts garden window
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    Scott’s Gardens KL airbnb

    We stayed in Scott's Gardens apartment for a month. It is in a very good location between Twin Towers and Sunway Pyramid. Getting around the town was not a problem using Grab. Everywhere was relatively nearby. Location is one of the biggest positives of this place. Another huge one was the view! Amazing huge window with a view!