• Vietnamese Kimchi

    This is a very simple recipe that we have from a local restaurant. Vietnamese kimchi normally is not as spicy as the Korean one. It is often added in a separate small dish to most meat meals we ordered in small local restaurants. Kimchi is high in fiber, vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, calcium and iron and it is low…

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    Little Hoi An hotel

    When we came to Vietnam we wanted to stay here longer. We wanted to see a bit more of Vietnam, travel around. Then Coronavirus came, quarantine etc and all plans had to be scrapped. Yes, quarantine finished some time ago and we could have come back to our previous plans, but now it didn't feel the same because this time…

  • Bo Ne – Vietnamese Breakfast

    Bo Ne, translated as “beef sizzling plate,” originates from the Vietnamese words “bo” (beef) and “ne” (sizzling). The dish earned its name due to the signature sizzling sound it makes when served on a hot plate, creating an auditory anticipation that adds to the overall dining experience.

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    Golden Bridge Da Nang

    Ever since we saw pictures of a bridge set on huge hands we wanted to see it. The bridge is a part of a huge complex on top of the mountains. To get there you take a long 20 minutes cable car trip over the forest and mountains. It holds the world record for the longest non-stop single-track cable car…

  • empty street in Da nang
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    Post Apo World

    I love post-apo games, even some movies are ok, but I have never thought I will live in one! That's how it currently feels in the world with Covid-19 panic. Nearly empty street, most businesses closed, no street food, not many people on the streets but those who are there all wear masks!!!

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    Smart home, panoramic view Da Nang

    When we arrived in Vietnam we knew we want to see Da Nang. We've found a cool place on Airbnb titled "Smart Home, Panorama View" and we didn't think much and booked it for the next 2 weeks. The description sounded interesting and obviously geeks as us we just wanted to see what it actually mean to have a "smart…

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    Saigon – 3 Oaks Hotel

    Going back to Vietnam we knew right away we will want to stay a bit longer this time so we chose Ho Chi Minh City because it's easy to find an agency there to extend our visa. We decided to stay there for a week and move on to another city after our visas are done. We didn't do any…