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Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya, KL

We’ve been to Kuala Lumpur before so this time we didn’t look for an adventure. We wanted to find a place where we can simply relax. Especially after some weird experiences in Vietnam and Cambodia.
We found this place very affordable and it even offered us some extra “features” that helped with saving money.

At first, we were a bit confused about how to get to the building, which elevator goes to our apartment, not to some other part of the building, etc. I don’t understand why so many modern buildings in Kuala Lumpur have this complicated web of elevators taking you to a different part of the whole structure. Anyway, the apartment was great. Very comfortable. More than enough for our needs. Internet speed was stable and great too. What we loved the most was a fully equipped kitchen where we cooked our own meals nearly every day.

Anything you could desire

The whole Tamarind Square is designed to include living apartments, offices with high-speed internet, activity courts where the community can enjoy yoga, Zumba, movie night but also night and farmers market. It is pretty awesome! There are also different restaurants to choose from and a supermarket with all fresh groceries and anything else that you may need. That fact made saving money really easy. We didn’t need to take a taxi to the town centre to get anything. Everything was right there. Another cool thing about the complex was large greenery with some more shops, restaurants and chill-out zones. Really awesome.

It was a nice place to stay, really nice. That is also a downside of the place. If you have everything you may need you get a bit lazy and don’t go elsewhere. For us, it wasn’t a problem. We wanted to have a break from everything. But I also know that if we were to stay there longer, we may never leave, it was so comfortable.

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